i would give this book about three and a half stars.

I read this book a while back and wanted to share this review with you guys. So here it goes…

To be honest I did not like this book initially.It had a really rough start.But then the story started to pick up .Slowly and gradually the story got interesting started to  like Feyre and Tamlin. In the part where Tamlin bites Feyres neck *fans herself*it was GREAT.And the other parts where also great.But to be honest I totally ship Feysand or Rhysre. I hope Rhys and Feyre get together in the next book because I think they are quite adorable.If,I was Feyre and Tamlin made me his pawn, I would never forgive him.I would berate myself for being easily manipulated.

This book gave a great start to the ACOTAR series and I hope it continues.The action sequences of the book were very exciting and the imagery  was gratifying. I cant wait to read the next book.

I hope you like this review and I will post more of these. I would love to hear  your comments and hey you can also suggest some of your favorite books and I would try to read them.


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