The host-Stephenie Meyer

*Might contain mild spoiler.*

It has been like a year since I read this book but at the point of time I really loved it like a lot.Like a lot-lot. I may have changed my taste in books but I can never forget my emotions back then.This back has the theme of sci-fi and romance.

Wanda or wanderer is an alien.This race of aliens invade human body and have control of the said person.But the twist in this books is that Melanie (the human)  who should’ve faded from the body,stays.She and Wanda coexist with each other.Melanie talks about Jared and sends thoughts to the mind so much that Wanda starts to fall for him.This complicates things a lot.

I liked all the characters(especially Liam 😉 ) except Jared.He was always so mean to Wanda when she was trying so hard to help or just do something.Wanda is a self sacrificing girl who will do anything for the people she loves.This is her best and quality.

Every book  has its flaws.I know people won’t want to read this book because of the author(hello!twilight)but I will recommend  this to everyone.

Comment me your views on this,if you have read this book or not.This would genuinely make my day 🙂


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