The intimidating TBR tag

Hey!This post is going to be awkward.A literal walk of shame 😉 In this tag I have to answer some of the sinful question about TBR books I have not still read.So here it goes

1.what book have you been unable to finish?

Opal by Jennifer Armentrout.I don’t why I couldn’t read this book.I guess it was because my exams were around the corner (but that never stopped me) or because of the plot twist  that I was not buying.

2. Which book have not read because it is brand new?

I have not read Cursed child yet.I just have not gotten around the fact there is a book on Harry’s son yet(which is next on my to do list.i promise).

3.Which book have you not read because it was humongous?

I admit I have not read Winter by Marissa meyer.It has freaking 827 pages.I know it is supposed to give  a banging ending to lunar chronicles series but I still have not gotten around it.

4.Which book have you not read because you were not in the mood?

Before you throw metaphorical stones at me I would like to say I have bought the book and it is in my shelf but I just couldn’t pick it up and read it.The city of ashes by Cassandra cass.I loved the first book but I don’t why I just don’t want to continue this series.

5.A book you have not read because it was a sequel

The  crown by Kiera cass.I loved the selection series.But I did not sign up for the bratty offspring of America. I genuinely hated the attitude of Eadlyn but I put up through it but not again.

So those were my answers and I hoped you liked it .I promise that I will get around to finish (some of )these books.To continue this tag I would nominate Iambusyreadingblog.I hope to see your comments and surely suggest good book that you love 🙂


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